Milo Fantails is a programme designed to attract new female players aged 4 – 8 years old to try football in a fun and safe environment. In addition to this, it could provide the perfect environment for those girls wishing to continue playing football in a more social setting. Sessions take place on Monday afternoons @ Korikori Park and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun, improve their skills and be active through football.

Key Details for Term 3:

  • Starting Date: Monday 5th August 2024
  • Time: 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Location: Korikori Park, Rototuna
  • Cost: $40 per term


  • Increase the number of girls participating in football by offering more flexible opportunities to play the game.
  • Deliver a high-quality football experience that results in girls falling in love with football.
  • Increase skill and movement competency by providing fun activities and games in a safe environment.


  • Boost Confidence: The majority of the girls in the sessions may never have played football before and may be nervous to give it a go. We encourage all children to participate, regardless of experience or ability. Fantails session provide a safe environment where a girl is able to be themselves as an individual, try new things and boost their confidence

  • Life Skills: Football can be great ways to help young people to develop positive behaviours such as making new friends, respecting others, speaking, listening, working well individually and within a team, having a positive attitude and overcoming challenges.

  • Friendships: It is important in the female environment to help foster and grow friendships. Research tells us that females are much more likely to keep playing sports if they do so with their friends. The Fantails programme is a great place for young girls to make new friends and our Fantails coaches are encouraged to grow and nurture these friendships

  • Fun and Enjoyment: Fantails sessions will have a lot of energy and keep all the children engaged and having fun. Smiles and High-5’s will go a long way to keeping it fun for the girls. It’s important to remember that Fantail sessions are all about learning through fun. In the female environment, personal connection holds as much value to the players as the fun activities and games and it is important to allow players the time to connect and ask questions.

  • Female Role Models: Having female role models to look up to and aspire to will support young girls reaching their potential in sport and life. Diversity of role models will increase a young girls vision for their own potential. We want the girls to see confidence, leadership, and accomplishment in other females as it helps her to envision herself with those qualities. The Fantails programme encourages females to coach as well as play which will empower girls by providing positive female role models

  • Increase skill and movement competency: The Fantails programme gives opportunities for girls to move and play. The programme allows children to explore 11+ Kids fundamental movements with and without the ball that will lead to a greater level of skill development. Physical literacy helps girls to grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful