Futsal 2022 - Registrations for TERM 1 are now open


Registrations for Term 1 2022 Futsal are now open for the following:

First Futsal – 5 to 7 year olds

U9 - born 2013 or 2014

U11 - born 2011 or 2012

U13 - born 2009 or 2010

Please note: Rototuna High School run and administer their own futsal program for year 9 - 13 students.

Key Dates

Registrations close Tuesday 8th February 2022.

First training will either be on Monday 21st February or Tuesday 22nd February. More details will follow for training times once teams are confirmed.

Friday night competitions start on 25th February 2022 and finish on Friday 8th April 2022.

Four Zero Futsal

NUSC are excited to continue their partnership with Four Zero Futsal. Their vision and mission is focused on creating futsal pathways for players & coaches.

Four Zero Director and player Kyle Wisnewski and his youthful team of coaches are looking forward to continuing to work with the players.

First Futsal

First Futsal is our own club program for 5-7 year old children on a Tuesday evening from 5:45pm - 6:30pm. It is based on skill development followed by small games. There is no competition night for First Futsal.

U9 - U13 teams

We aim to have up to 8 players per team to maximise game time. All teams are parent coached/managed alongside our Four Zero coaches. These volunteers are responsible for training and game night logistics. Unless otherwise indicated, we will endeavour to keep teams from winter football together while allowing for requests, change in grades, non-returning and new players.

We will consider all parent requests that have been emailed to the futsal email address at the time of registration. Even if you have requested in the past, please re-request as these are not carried forward.

Training Nights

The club has booked courts at the Peak (next to Rototuna High Schools) for weekly training on Mondays and Tuesdays between 5:30 - 7:30pm. While we endeavour to train younger teams at 5:30 & older teams could be at either 5:30 or 6:30.


All U9-U13 players are required to provide their own Nike blue shorts and socks (as worn for NUSC winter football). Orange shirts will be issued for game nights. All players, including those in First Futsal must wear shin pads and non-marking shoes.

As with previous seasons, we will hand out a team bag (including orange shirts, bibs, goalie gloves, first aid kit, & player of the day trophy). In addition, the gear bag will have two balls for game day. This bag will then be returned once futsal has finished for term 1.

Game Venues

Venues will be announced for each game and may change throughout the season.

Indicative venues per WaiBOP are The Peak (U9), Fraser High School (U11), and Hamilton Boys High School or Hillcrest High School (U13). In the past, there have also been games at other schools in the region.

Covid Guidelines

We will be adhering to the Covid guidelines applicable. For those older than 12 years, 3 months My Vaccine Pass will be a condition of entry to practice & playing venues. Scan-in or sign-in for contact tracing purposes. Wear a mask when not participating in sport.

Follow staff/volunteer instructions and information posted on signage.

While the Peak will allow vaccinated spectators in to watch practises at Covid level Orange, we haven't yet been advised of Waibop's spectators rules, which will apply to Friday night games.

We may still mark off players outside the venue before each practise and then allow parents in after to avoid congestion and enable practises to start on time.


Fees for Term 1 are $60.00 for First Futsal and $105.00 for U9-U13. These fees cover Peak hire for training, WaiBOP affiliation fees (which include fees on game nights for court hire and referees), coaching fees, training equipment, shirt hire and administration fees.

How to Register

All registrations are to be made on MyComet. The sign-in URL is https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/en_NZ/login

Once signed in, search for Northern United SC Futsal in the seller and select the appropriate registration item for your grade.

Direct links are as follows:

First Futsal - https://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/.../item.../1993079845

U9 - U13 Futsalhttps://mycomet-oceania.analyticom.de/.../item.../1993068986

If you don't have a login, select the Sign Up option at the bottom of the log in box.

Any issues with registrations email registrations@nzfootball.co.nz

Any questions or parent requests for team placements please email futsal.nusc@gmail.com and I will endeavour to respond within 24-48 hours (we're all volunteers too!)

Thank you!

What is FUTSAL?

Futsal is the only FIFA and NZ Football approved version of five-a-side football and the world’s fastest growing indoor sport. The name futsal is derived from the Portuguese words futebol (football) and sala (hall).

Futsal is a small-sided game played with a smaller (size 3 or 4) low bounce ball, on a basketball sized court without rebound walls or nets. It is a game which combines fun, creativity, speed, technique, teamwork and quick thinking.

With millions of players worldwide, futsal is a fantastic game in its own right, with professional leagues throughout Europe, South America and Asia and a FIFA Futsal World Cup every four years.

Futsal also produces technically excellent players and as such is an invaluable tool for football development.

Futsal actively promotes:

  • individual ball skills, close control and dribbling
  • creativity and improvisation
  • maintenance of ball possession
  • one-touch passing (along the ground)
  • accurate shooting
  • teamwork and off the ball movement.

World superstars such as Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi have all acknowledged the role futsal has played in their football development.

Futsal also has superstars of its own, with players such as Falcao and Schumacher (Brazil), Javier Rodriguez (Spain) and Elliot Ragomo (Solomon Islands) fast becoming household names in their own countries.

Futsal and Football

Futsal has the ability to be a positive influence in New Zealand football, just as it has been in Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Australia and a huge number of other countries, including those within our own Oceania Confederation.

New Zealand Football recognise the pathways this popular game offers for players, coaches, administrators at both local and international level.

Bringing futsal into the NZ Football structure also ensures the New Zealand futsal experience can be delivered in a manner that is consistent with and complementary to NZ Football’s Whole of Football Development Plan.

Futsal is a ‘pure’ form of football. While at an elite level, futsal is a highly tactical and even choreographed game, in its most basic form futsal is a fun and simple game that requires no coaching – the game is the teacher! With its emphasis on fun and creativity futsal is the ideal introduction to football to the first time and social player.

The smaller, weighted ball with restricted bounce makes it easier for young or inexperienced players to master their ball control skills. As a result, players very quickly experience improved dribbling, passing and close control.

The dimensions of the futsal court, lack of rebound walls and reduced number of players means players are ‘always in the game’, having on average around 12 times more touches per game than they do in outdoor 11-a-side football.

Playing in reduced space helps develop creativity, improvisation, technique and rapid decision making. Players are encouraged to find their way out of tight situations with a clever pass or piece of individual skill. Increased game awareness and movement off the ball occur quickly and naturally.

Futsal, FIFA and NZF

​​​​​​​NZF is working together with FIFA and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) to actively promote all forms of football, to improve the technical ability of its players while at the same time increasing its player and supporter base, and the launch of the NZ Futsal programme is recognition of futsal’s significance and potential, and the beginning of enhanced development of that format of the game.

Futsal is the only form of indoor football endorsed by FIFA and OFC and therefore enjoys similar pathways and benefits to the outdoor version of the game.

Most notably, NZF-selected national teams will compete in FIFA recognised futsal competitions, including the OFC Futsal Championships and qualifying matches for the FIFA Futsal World Cup.